What and why?

Webbed Hand is a netlabel, sharing over 200 complete albums as free mp3 downloads. Our sole mission is to bring you things to hear and enjoy. Add them to your music collection, make copies for your friends. Include them in your podcast, radio show, video or short film (open permission for non-commercial use; if commercial, contact us).

All of the artists here produce and promote their own work. It is a labor of love, and we make a higher priority of inspiring and entertaining than of getting rich.

In general, the works here are aimed at the ears of introverted mystics, dreamers, and lateral thinkers. We’d like the music here to serve as vehicles for the mind. Empowering and uplifting, rather than depressed and devitalizing, loaded with subtlety and richness and no shortage of strangeness. Go to the release pages, download or stream a few things, and judge for yourself.


Webbed Hand Records was created in 2003, and is now run by Chris McDill and Aria Nadii. Chris handles day-to-day operation of the label, prepares and uploads releases, and updates this website as needed. He is also a recording artist with over 40 releases on this label, under various project names. Aria Nadii contributes administrative and creative support, and is additionally a member of the recording projects Djinnestan and Oil of Haemony.


We enjoy making and listening to this music, and we want to share it with you. The time and expense involved in keeping this label operating is out-of-pocket, and thus subject to the vicissitudes of fortune. If you’ve enjoyed the music on Webbed Hand, and wish to help us out, we accept donations to assist in covering expenses such as site and domain hosting.

the webbed hand

A Webbed Hand?

It’s a layered play on words. The original logo for the label is from a vintage magazine picture of an archaeological find, which included a statue fragment of Buddha’s hand, very distinctly webbed. In ancient lore, Buddha is represented with webbed hands, regarded as a symbol of his profound wisdom and divinity. These days such a thing merely symbolizes monstrosity. So, next to the divine Buddha connotation we have this B-Movie horror aspect. Beyond that, this is a label that has used the world wide web to give you music. And maybe there are more meanings. Meanings within meanings, ad infinitum