C.P. McDill – Discography

C.P. McDill - Anthology

This list may sometimes lag behind my actual output. Follow the posts at Webbed Hand Records to catch many of my releases as they come out. Besides work recorded as C.P. McDill, I use the project names Saluki Regicide, Djinnestan, Akashic Crow’s Nest, Drone Wallah, Tree Helicopter, Ice Guild Kaiser, Rowboat Magicians, and Rolling Calf Sinfonette. Beyond that there are assorted collaborations and “anonymous” works (the latter you won’t find listed here). Some projects are linked and have their own pages.

Saluki Regicide:


Akashic Crow’s Nest:

Ice Guild Kaiser:

Tree Helicopter:

Drone Wallah:

Rolling Calf Sinfonette:

Other Projects:

Collaborations & Compilations:

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