wh079 833-45 – Rain 1

833-45 - Rain 1

Here is a contribution to the acclaimed Rain series on Webbed Hand by 833-45, a project of the talented producer K.M. Krebs. A long-form ambient work awash in subtle throbs and hypnotic crackle, this entrancing recording presents the 833-45 sound in a CD length journey through a more hidden auditory spectrum of aerial electronic phenomena.

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wh077 Djinnestan – Rain 3

Djinnestan - Rain 3

A third Rain-themed longform ambient composition by Djinnestan. Perhaps still in a forest, but now at the banks of a stream, with wisps of fog, chirping crickets, the moon, and other mysterious nocturnal elements. This CD-length work creates a nice acoustic mood for meditation or sleep. It is recommended that you play it at low volume, as it is meant to be listened to peripherally, not directly.

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wh076 Akashic Crow’s Nest – Rain 2

Akashic Crow's Nest - Rain 2

The second soothing dreamscape by Akashic Crow’s Nest employs ACN’s characteristic generative textures plus additional ambient samples to sculpt a smooth and restful atmosphere to lull the brainwaves into a relaxed state. The ACN sound is distinguished by the use of an image synthesizer (pictures are translated into sounds) to produce most of the auditory elements used in its compositions. Very peculiar but often remarkably musical and uncannily magical.

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wh071 ghostheory – Rain

ghostheory - Rain

This new electroacoustic longform piece by Andrew Latham’s Ghostheory project takes Webbed Hand’s “Rain” concept in a darker, more industial direction. A shifting palette of drones, clangs, inscrutable noises, and static are all blurred together into a hypnotic journey that could be either soothing or stimulating, depending on your volume settings.

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wh031 Tribe of Astronauts – Rain 2

Tribe of Astronauts

Seismic, elemental, oceanic, liquid. There are numerous adjectives that can well describe this subtle 72-minute composition without giving away all of its secrets. Shifting drones and drips and drops conceal deeper activities. Tribe of Astronauts’ second Rain album continues in the tradition of Webbed Hand’s popular series of CD-length ambient soundscapes, intended for quiet listening.

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