wh052 C.P. McDill – Covert Ecology EP 12.93

C.P. McDill - Covert Ecology

The only surviving tape of sound experiments made by C.P. McDill from a period of creative work spanning 1988-93, finally recovered, remixed, and mastered for Webbed Hand release. Exposes the roots of McDill’s audio aesthetics.

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An early document has surfaced which exposes some of the roots of the Webbed Hand sound of C.P. McDill. An untitled tape made in December of 1993, then set aside, which somehow survived many moves and purges of belongings. Out of numerous recordings I made in the late 80s – early 90s, this is the only one that wasn’t lost.

Thanks to the recent acquisition of a mixer similar to the one the tape was recorded on, I was able to finally transfer the tape to digital and give it a proper mixdown and mastering. And now you can hear something that sounds remarkably like rough-hewn predecessors of some of my present projects.

This was made at a time when I didn’t really know much about the experimental/ tape art/ musique concrete scene, aside from occasionally finding really weird cassettes in the clearance bin of a local record store. With very limited resources, I was messing around with sounds in hopes of recreating some of the strangeness I was imagining but not hearing anyone else do.

My early period of experimentation with sounds was roughly ’88-’93. This recording session was the last one until I resumed in late 2002. There were actually two tapes made during that session, but only one remains, and this EP is made from the recordings I recovered from that tape.

–CP McDill

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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