wh100 Exoxen – Yellowstone


Yellowstone is the third Exoxen release on Webbed Hand, and represents a further evolution of the sound of this enigmatic group. Mingling high production standards with gritty lo-fi recording techniques, the result is a body of work that defies easy categorization. It cuts across many genres, containing elements of 60s/70s psychedelic, garage rock, Beefheart, metal, industrial, electronica, all in a mind-bending stew.

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Daniel Kenyon
Jeremy Wright
Produced by: Daniel McDill

Track List:
01 Give it time
02 Others
03 Time lords
04 Sunrise 441
05 Feel free
06 Find your own way to heaven
07 Like diamonds
08 BB Robber the handsmen
09 Let the devil go
10 Hot cans
11 Imuna chainj euwe
12 Yellowstone

Visit the download page for streaming and downloading options.

2 thoughts on “wh100 Exoxen – Yellowstone

  1. 我很喜欢你们的网站,以及这里的音乐,特别是夜晚躺在床上听着它们会很奇妙,也会睡个好觉,很好!

  2. I am liking this music so much. It is much like the rock music of my home.

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