wh179 Kirill Platonkin – Transfiguration


Kirill Platonkin’s first release for Webbed Hand is a trio of shimmery drone-ambient blended with field recordings.

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

About the Album:
“The idea of creating this album is based on a conclusion, that a Human Being with his consciousness, is a very complicated psychic system, representing a Transfigurator. The point is, that everyday we get a lot of information: positive or negative impressions, news, observations, reflestions and so on. Units of information are numerous, and in certain moments, all these units are processed by our minds, and turned into some item of creation – a picture, a song, a sculpture, what not. And it is truly difficult to predict, which way our consciousness will transform them. As for this album, it is a transfiguration of the complex of walks, talks, books, dreams and anticipation of summer.”

About the Artist:
“I was born in 1986 in the Russian Far Eastern town Blagoveshchensk, and since early childhood was interested in enigmatic music – I started with the sound of Pink Floyd. At the age of 16 I learnt to play guitar, and some years after, besides listening to the music, I began writing it myself. First, it was psychedelic rock and avant-garde, but later drone ambient became the dominant preference.” –K.P.

And some links:
Official site: http://kirillplatonkin.yolasite.com/
Tukuringra netlabel: http://tukuringra.wordpress.com/
Agniworld (experimental music reviewing): http://agniworld.wordpress.com/

Produced January 2011

Track List:
01 Summer Dream [06:25]
02 Transfiguration [23:30]
03 Transience [12:51]

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

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