wh291 David Kennedy – The Infinite Mirror

David Kennedy

David Kennedy composed this album around the concept of the pyramids communicating with the constellation of Orion.

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About the album:

The infinite mirror started as a single sound, a seed from millions of threads, which grew into the album you are now listening to. In the software I created pyramid shapes by cutting and pasting the music, thus creating ‘The infinite mirror’. From that came the idea of basing the songs on the building of the pyramids at Giza as they may or may not have been built to mirror the central belt of the constellation of Orion. So this gives us five points of reflection from the five points of the constellation of Orion. Each of the songs has five sounds and those five sounds are repeated throughout the whole album, there are no more than five sounds on each song. As the album evolves, the sounds evolve with this, first as the pyramids are built, then as the images are sent out over space and time, after this there is a moment of contemplation as the constellation of Orion ‘reads’ the images we have built in their honour and finally there is a reply from Orion, back to us here on Earth.
Each of the first five tracks are built up from the same five sounds, although through cutting, pasting and moving they each sound different from the other. This concept was built from the idea that the pyramids themselves were all made from the same materials yet they are different in size and shape.

The final three songs on the album are an interstellar conversation between mortals and the immortals, between the earthbound and the heavenly bodies where the ancient Egyptians believed the soul was delivered to when you passed on.

In song 7 there is a dialogue, these are the words spoken in that dialogue;

“That the pattern of stars that is frozen on the ground at Giza in the form of the three pyramids and the Sphinx represents the disposition of the constellations of Orion and Leo as they looked at the moment of sunrise on the spring equinox during the astronomical Age of Leo; the epoch in which the Sun was housed by Leo on the spring equinox, like all processional ages this was a 2,160-year period. It is generally calculated to have fallen between the Gregorian calendar dates of 10,970 and 8810 BC.”

About the artist:
David Kennedy is a 44 year old writer and musician from Glasgow, Scotland.

Thanks to:
With the greatest of thanks to Larry, Ron and Amanda, without whom these songs would not have been conceived and written. — David Kennedy

Track List:
1. Menkaure (04:26)
2. Khafre (02:49)
3. Khufu (03:06)
4. Pyramid Song 4 (05:54)
5. Pyramid Song 5 (03:54)
6. Journey (18:44)
7. Translation (11:01)
8. Reply (07:14)

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

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