Djinnestan : Acoustical Mysteries of the Wild Wood

Djinnestan is a collaborative sound art project pooling the shared aesthetics of C.P. McDill and Aria Nadii. Both are visual artists and writers who combine their knowledge of other media with a love of experimental audio. Originating in 2003 as a spinoff from Saluki Regicide, another project of C.P. McDill, the original focus of Djinnestan was on textures and moods, spaces sculpted in sound, with emphasis on relaxing repetitions. As a project it continues to evolve. Whereas the earlier recordings were almost entirely electroacoustic, with heavily effected samples derived from sources such as antique recordings, the newer projects use more recordings of vocals and instruments played by group members. 

A list of Djinnestan recordings excluding compilation appearances. The links will take you to the page for each recording, where you can stream or download them for free along with the cover art. For a more complete list of C.P. McDill’s work, visit his discography page.

wh080 Djinnestan – Kittenhead

Kittenhead is the latest long-form (CD-length) production by Djinnestan, departing significantly from the Rain series and Purr. In many ways, it defies easy categorization. It is very ambient, but contains rhythms. It is dark, yet at the same time whimsical. It includes acoustic instruments and vocals, but they have been processed virtually beyond recognition. Nonetheless it is a subtle and pleasant listen.

wh077 Djinnestan – Rain 3

A third Rain-themed longform ambient composition by Djinnestan. Perhaps still in a forest, but now at the banks of a stream, with wisps of fog, chirping crickets, the moon, and other mysterious nocturnal elements. This CD-length work creates a nice acoustic mood for meditation or sleep.

wh043 Djinnestan – Rain 2

A 74-minute ambient track. The setting here comes across not as a fairytale forest, as in Rain 1 [wh028], rather more like an ancient abandoned city on the edge of a desert, as viewed in a grainy film. For some of more sensitive intuition, not empty at all but bustling with ghosts.

wh042 Djinnestan – Hasenpfeffer

A follow-up to “Ghosties” (wh029), this is another collection of strange textural works, blending drones and other samples into opulent and ruined atmospheres. Liminal sounds give rise to mystic voices.

wh029 Djinnestan – Ghosties EP

Haunted textures of sound are served forth in classic Djinnestan style in this unexpected EP release. Do ghosts relive their dying moments? Do they have unfinished business, or messages for the living?

wh028 Djinnestan – Rain 1

Much like Djinnestan’s shorter works, this 74-minute piece is subtle and enchanted. As if in a dream you find yourself strolling in a fairytale forest, dark and misty, peopled by the figments of childhood imaginings.

wh020 Djinnestan – Purr

Purr is a 76 minute ambient track intended to be played at low volume as background ambience, preferably as you go to sleep. It generates a warm and cozy feeling, like having a cat purring next to your head.

wh016 Djinnestan – Selling the Wind

Djinnestan is the quieter spawn of Saluki Regicide. Selling the Wind is a collection of ambient constructions which recall to mind the mellower themes of SR, Tree Helicopter, or the Rain project.

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