wh101 Webbed Hand Presents String Ambient

String Ambient

Our first compilation for 2008 presents a facet of ambient music that is often overlooked in favor of the more electronic or synthesized soundscapes. Here we have an eclectic collection of works featuring a broad variety string instruments, usually but not always treated to effects. In the artist credits below we’ve provided information about the instruments used, and you can see they range from the familiar to the exotic.

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wh080 Djinnestan – Kittenhead

Djinnestan - Kittenhead

Kittenhead is the latest long-form (CD-length) production by Djinnestan, departing significantly from the Rain series and Purr. In many ways, it defies easy categorization. It is very ambient, but contains rhythms. It is dark, yet at the same time whimsical. It includes acoustic instruments and vocals, but they have been processed virtually beyond recognition. Nonetheless it is a subtle and pleasant listen.This release features vocal contributions by Aria Nadii.

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wh077 Djinnestan – Rain 3

Djinnestan - Rain 3

A third Rain-themed longform ambient composition by Djinnestan. Perhaps still in a forest, but now at the banks of a stream, with wisps of fog, chirping crickets, the moon, and other mysterious nocturnal elements. This CD-length work creates a nice acoustic mood for meditation or sleep. It is recommended that you play it at low volume, as it is meant to be listened to peripherally, not directly.

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wh043 Djinnestan – Rain 2

Djinnestan - Rain 2

A 74-minute ambient track. The setting here comes across not as a fairytale forest, as in Rain 1 [wh028], rather more like an ancient abandoned city on the edge of a desert, as viewed in a grainy film. For some of more sensitive intuition, not empty at all but bustling with ghosts.

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