wh080 Djinnestan – Kittenhead

Djinnestan - Kittenhead

Kittenhead is the latest long-form (CD-length) production by Djinnestan, departing significantly from the Rain series and Purr. In many ways, it defies easy categorization. It is very ambient, but contains rhythms. It is dark, yet at the same time whimsical. It includes acoustic instruments and vocals, but they have been processed virtually beyond recognition. Nonetheless it is a subtle and pleasant listen.This release features vocal contributions by Aria Nadii.

Djinnestan is an ambient recording project of C.P. McDill and Aria Nadii. The audio style of Djinnestan is a blend of heavily processed acoustic recordings and often obscure samples. It is a sound art “group” that formed in 2003 as a spin-off of C.P. McDill’s Saluki Regicide, with a particular focus on tranquil and ethereal ambient textures. As of this release, the discography of Djinnestan amounts to eight releases, five of which are long-form (CD-length) ambient albums intended for play at low volumes, especially as one goes to sleep.

About the album:
Djinnestan are
C.P. McDill – Instruments, samples, sounds
Aria Nadii – Voice, sounds, instruments
Includes a brief sample from a talk given by U.G. Krishnamurti

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