Ice Guild Kaiser: Your Guide in a Sound Art Innerworld

Ice Guild Kaiser is a recording project of C.P. McDill, a body of aesthetic experimentation which branches off of his primary project, Saluki Regicide, of which the name is an anagram.


Still a relatively new project, this approach has allowed McDill to work with instruments, sounds, and compositional techniques not typically a part of its parent project. Guitars and other string instruments, field recordings, and effects hardware are just a few of the elements introduced into the work of McDill for the first time in these recordings.

Ice Guild Kaiser
wh244 Asphalt’s Parakeet
The first collection of works from Ice Guild Kaiser, an eclectic mix of sounds inspired by the Stillstream program Sadayatana.

Ice Guild Kaiser
Rain 1
The cryptically familiar Ice Guild Kaiser recently emerged from his workshop with this purpose-built addition to the popular “Rain” series.

Ice Guild Kaiser
The Goat Encompasses EP
Dark, atmospheric improvisations on heavily effected guitar are at the heart of “The Goat Encompasses” by Ice Guild Kaiser.

Ice Guild Kaiser
The Past is Foreign
Further exploration of atmospheric improvisations on heavily effected guitar characterize this sequel to “The Goat Encompasses.”

Ice Guild Kaiser
Rain 2
Ice Guild Kaiser’s second Rain album combines nature sounds, gentle synth loops, string instruments and processed sounds, the sum of which is a meditative soundscape.

Ice Guild Kaiser
The Ossuary Improvisations

Ice Guild Kaiser unveils a long-form experimental work, combining aspects of ambient and instrumental free improvisation, a serene memento mori.

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