Saluki Regicide : Your Guide in a Sound Art Otherworld

Little Nemo endorses Saluki RegicideSaluki Regicide is one of the projects of C.P. McDill. The sounds of Saluki Regicide are an attempt to create haunted textures by use of electroacoustic recording techniques, layered with vintage samples, often heavily effected, and some bits of electronica. 

The roots of Saluki Regicide may date as far back as 1988 when C.P. McDill made some sound art experiments with tape recorders, radios, and assorted improvised instruments. But the first recordings actually bearing the name Saluki Regicide emerged in early 2003. In terms of pinpointing exactly what Saluki Regicide is, or what genre to assign it to, I am at somewhat of a loss. It represents an intersection of traditionalism and the avant-garde, of nostalgia and science fiction, perhaps of music and noise.

Saluki Regicide has at present a total of 7 releases on Webbed Hand Records, three of them conventional albums with approximately a dozen tracks on each, and three are long-form ambient recordings for Webbed Hand Records’ “Rain” series. Additionally there are collaborations and compilation appearances. For a more complete list of C.P. McDill’s work, visit his discography page.

wh143 Saluki Regicide – The Shades to Appease

Saluki Regicide returns to Webbed Hand with a long-awaited sequel to “Mirage Emigrants” [wh012] — an album full of atmospheric sound textures and evocative samples. This album signals a return to the original style of working as Saluki Regicide, and even hints at future directions.

wh110 Saluki Regicide & Mystified – A Foreign Installation

This is the third collaboration between Mystified and Saluki Regicide. This time the concept is unique: one is assigned all frequencies below 1kHz, and the other gets everything above. The upper and lower halves were not united until the final mix, and then only adjusted for compatible levels and fades.

wh083 Saluki Regicide – See Things

This is the first long-form recording by Saluki Regicide outside of the “Rain” project. Using as a foundation a long-form composition by Akashic Crow’s Nest, Saluki Regicide adds layers of characteristic embellishments: obscure samples, bizarre rhythmic loops, peculiar washes of sound, snippets of string melody, all adding up to an interesting meeting of styles.

wh018 Mystified & Saluki Regicide – Razor Pilgrimage EP

A second collaboration between Mystified and Saluki Regicide. The theme of this concept EP is a pilgrimage in some distant land. The traveller, faced with strangeness, is defamiliarized and experiences mystical insight.

wh017 Saluki Regicide & Mystified – Ancestral Technologies

A collaborative album of impressionistic ambient and electronic pieces, inspired by inventions of the past. A very strong a seamless pooling of creative talent and resources. This album shows promise of becoming a favorite.

wh012 Saluki Regicide – Mirage Emigrants

Mirage Emigrants is the third collection by Saluki Regicide, and the sixth release overall. Saluki Regicide continues to surprise and delight listeners with strange visionary abstractions in sound. Dark, at times nostalgic, these compositions manage somehow to be simultaneously warm and alien.

wh009 Saluki Regicide – Rain 3

Number 3 from Saluki Regicide, for Webbed Hand’s popular “Rain” series of ambient concept albums. Psychedelic, synaesthetic, it puts your mind in a very strange place. Play this while you sleep. This is a single CD-length (approx 74 minutes) track.

wh008 Saluki Regicide – Rain 2

The Webbed Hand Records “Rain” series is graced by a second contribution from Saluki Regicide. A 74-minute hallucination, warm as a crackling fire, and casting many peculiar shadows.

wh007 Saluki Regicide – Actress

Saluki Regicide returns with another selection of haunted head music to disturb your inner child. These are some very strange recordings.

wh002 Saluki Regicide – Rain 1

Saluki Regicide’s first contribution the the Webbed Hand Records series of concept albums called “Rain.” This is a 74-minute ambient lullabye, rich in mysterious sounds and dimly familiar allusions.

wh001 Saluki Regicide – Dematerialized

Saluki Regicide’s first album of soundtracks for weird dreams, these peculiar sonic paintings are less music than opiate science fiction.

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