wh020 Djinnestan – Purr

Djinnestan - Purr

Purr is a 76 minute ambient track intended to be played at low volume as background ambience, preferably as you go to sleep. It generates a warm and cozy feeling, like having a cat purring next to your head.

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With a high fidelity stereo system possessing good bass response, some of the infrasonic qualities will come through, thus adding to the trancey and hypnotic effect of the work. It is my feeling, based on some study of infrasound, that what one hears as a cat’s purr is only part of the spectrum of sound actually being generated, much of it below the threshold of conscious hearing, in the infrasonic range.

The recording does not vary significantly throughout its duration, except for subtle rising and diminishing of volume at various points. All of the recording is synthesized. It is not a recording of an actual cat.

I hope you enjoy it. I made it as a gift for someone, without the intention of releasing it, but it has come to be a favorite, so I have permission to share it…

This album was created for, and is dedicated to Aria Nadii, who listens to it every night, and with whose blessing I am making it available to you.

Let Purr become your favorite bedtime album.

C.P. McDill – sound wave manipulations

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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