wh022 Wead – Self-titled Debut


Garage folkadelic grunge, or power 3rd-ear coffeehouse antifolk, or…? This mysterious combo makes its debut on Webbed Hand Records netlabel, after a couple of years on the CD-R circuit.

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  1. This Place
  2. Light On
  3. It Hurts
  4. In My Heart
  5. Say Hi
  6. She Puts the Dust On You
  7. Darkest Night
  8. I’m A Fool
  9. Another Ten Years
  10. All Alone
  11. Four Twenty

Deceptively straightforward on first listen, but deeper listening reveals unrivalled complexity and virtuosity, disguised as a 3-chord garage sound. And the lyrics too are not what they first seem. Lean in closer, and the bizarre workings of Wead will embrace you.

I cannot help but draw comparisons to the psychedelic picaresqueness of Chrome, although Wead is less “electric” … but the tight-loose structures and subtle mind-bendiness is there.

The artists involved in this project have worked in other bands, under other names, and have gained followings for other music. But judge this album on its own merits. Make a copy for yourself, make copies for your friends. Pass it around.


  • Fly – voice and instruments
  • Zag – percussions

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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