wh037 mayfairgrin – Pelicagnosis


The title of Pelicagnosis is no empty play on words. These four tracks do venture quite some distance into the realm of gnosis. Here is a blend of ambient sounds with addition of guitar, vocals, and other instruments, resulting in a feast for the ears.

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A look at the credits for each track will show you that this isn’t a weekend warrior laptop production. This thing is big, and there’s a depth and devotion being expressed here that merits a deep and devoted listening.

mayfairgrin is part of the Mannequin Oddio Media cooperative, which you ought to visit and explore. This is mayfairgrin’s second release on Webbed Hand Records.


  1. pelicagnosis [00:20:48]
    (acoustic guitar, native american flute, sheet metal, antique radio, & synth/sonic manipulation)
    [note: on the CD liner, all of the above were credited to Andrew Latham. To clarify, he was the recordist and not the musician of the flute. The flute was performed by an unknown Native American musician.]
  2. eight thirthy eight [00:06:27]
    { jenna fronczak: guitar, vocals, lyrics
    { andrew latham: synthetics, sampling, sonic manipulation, programming
  3. whom have i but You [00:03:38]

    { miranda pfeifer: vocals, guitar
    { andrew latham: guitar, vocals, processing, sonic manipulation, programming

  4. elysium song (reverb/eucharist edit) [00:07:54]
    { anaphylaxis: sonic manipulation/reconstruction
    { andrew latham: original and added electronics

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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