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k.m.krebs oneiromancy

“Oneiromancy (the art of foretelling the future through dreams) is an hypnotic ambient journey through the underworld of the unconscious and the dreams which abide therein.” –K.M. Krebs

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  • 01 – Vapour of immense extent
  • 02 – The approach of rust
  • 03 – Emperor of cartography
  • 04 – Between the firmament and our earth
  • 05 – The evaporation of numberless subjects
  • 06 – In a warm room facing the south
  • 07 – Metallic kingdom
  • 08 – Moisture of metals
  • 09 – The testimony of the sea
  • 10 – Bruising of the serpent’s head
  • 11 – Concealing the great stone
  • 12 – The seven canons

The artist recommends that this album be listened to in entirety.

Originally a CD-R release, this ambient trek by Canadian sound artist K.M. Krebs is now a netlabel release on Webbed Hand. Distinguished not only by the remarkable sounds herein, but also very evocative track titles, complemented by detail-rich cover art, this is the sort of album one can spend a lot of time listening to and reflecting on.

K.M. Krebs has become a well-known and respected artist in the netlabel scene. As K.M. Krebs he recorded the classic “Halberd of Chemistry” and as 833-45 he recorded “Solar Cycle 23” which is a popular release at Autoplate Records. Check out the numerous other netlabel and CD-R releases in his discography at http://www.833-45.net/

Lest I risk any further redundancy though, allow me to direct your attention to a certain review, which describes the album better than I could.

About the album:
total length 01:02:14
Recorded and produced by K.M. Krebs, originally completed in summer 2000.
Cover art by K.M. Krebs.

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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