wh054 Mika Bjorklund – Nocturne


Finnish electronica artist Mika Bjorklund makes his debut on Webbed Hand with a long-form ambient composition inspired by other long-form albums on this label, including the Rain series. This excellent track is both engaging and relaxing, and recommended for those times when you want to unwind for the night.

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About the recording:

“As the name implies, the music is night music. It was mostly made during night and I think the mood is best for late-night listening. I’ve tried to make it encompass the feelings and moods I feel when I stay up late to think and listen to music. When I open the window I hear a very quiet fuzzy noise originating from the cars and the houses, that’s something I don’t hear by day. That could be why careful listener might hear some urban elements. The sounds are there even if no one is listening. So to sum up, hopeful nocturnal solitude with a certain level of awareness. Also hopefully it is peaceful and soothing, possibly even tranquil.” –Mika Bjorklund

About the artist:

“So I’m 18 years old, from Finland, and currently finishing up my studies. I grew up listening mostly to my father’s Opera records overlayed with him singing. My brother on the other hand listened to rock and heavy metal which I also grew to like. A little later I learned to play with my brother’s Commodore 64 computer, my time spent with it would later spark my interest in the demoscene. I have played various musical instruments, most notably I played violin for about five years. None of the instruments gave me what I wanted however and I always lacked the determination to practice for more than an hour at a time.

“Later, about two years ago, my use of the internet grew and with it my views about music changed radically. I developed an interest to the demoscene (In early 2003 I think) and started making music with Modplug tracker. More importantly I started listening to music very carefully, paying attention to their structure and style. I also expanded my musical tastes. I have now stopped limiting myself and I listen to all kinds of music as long as I like it (which includes almost anything, but commercial ‘music’ produced to make someone rich). Later I discovered netlabels and have been downloading ever since. I am very interested in different kinds of noises that could be used in making music and especially white noise has great symbolic value for me.

“Influences include !Cube, Stephane Picq, Future crew and loonie (from demoscene), Eppu normaali, Dingo and Mana mana (finnish rock) and also Kraftwerk, Merzbow, Vangelis, Ennio Morricone and of course Brian Eno.” –Mika Bjorklund

produced and recorded by
Mika Bjorklund, 2005

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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