wh065 K.M. Krebs – The Light Will Fill the Dark and Obliterate It

K.M. Krebs

The Light Will Fill the Darkness and Obliterate It is a poetic and richly textured work by Canadian sound artist K.M. Krebs. These tracks are blended together into a shifting exploration as evocative and powerful as the titles they bear. I find this to be excellent headphone music, and with eyes closed I am easily abducted into very strange realms.

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  1. The Southern Crown
  2. Sea of Nectar
  3. Folding Landscapes
  4. The Unassailable and Eternal Sovereign of the Lunar Body
  5. The Azure Dunes of Midnight
  6. The Thousand Dark Veils
  7. None of the Things That Are Can Perish
  8. A Large and Shining Gate
  9. Waters of the Fen and Marshes
  10. Small Golden Chains Extending to the Heavens
  11. Father of the Minerals
  12. I Came to Scoff but Stayed to Pray
  13. Dissolving Into the White Horizon

K.M. Krebs has become a well-known and respected artist in the netlabel scene. As K.M. Krebs he recorded the classic “Halberd of Chemistry” and as 833-45 he recorded “Solar Cycle 23” which is a popular release at Autoplate Records. His previous release on Webbed Hand is Oneiromancy. Check out the numerous other netlabel and CD-R releases in his discography at http://www.833-45.net/

Recorded and produced by K.M. Krebs in 2003
Cover art by K.M. Krebs

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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