wh073 C.P. McDill – Anthology 1

C.P. McDill - Anthology 1

Webbed Hand Records’ first release of 2006 is an anthology of recordings by the label’s founder, C.P. McDill. This selection represents the spectrum of his sound art projects from 1993 to 2005, excluding the long-form (CD-length) ambient recordings.

  • 01 C.P. McDill – Covert Ecology
  • 02 Rolling Calf Sinfonette – Macedoine
  • 03 Saluki Regicide – Spread a Little Happiness (new mix)
  • 04 Saluki Regicide – Coach and Six (Darkdrone Mix)
  • 05 Saluki Regicide – Mooring Mast (Darkdrone Mix)
  • 06 Saluki Regicide – Snow in the Library
  • 07 Rowboat Magicians – Hidden Places
  • 08 Tree Helicopter – Poacher
  • 09 Tree Helicopter – Elephant Cage
  • 10 Akashic Crow’s Nest – Always Morning Somewhere
  • 11 Saluki Regicide – Astrolabe
  • 12 Djinnestan – Rusted Doves
  • 13 Akashic Crow’s Nest – Quisquiliae
  • 14 Saluki Regicide – Stinging Nettle
  • 15 Djinnestan – Paloma-ized

C.P. McDill’s began experimenting with recorded sound in the mid-1980s, but the tapes from that period have unfortunately (or fortunately) been lost.

The earliest track, “Covert Ecology” originates from an untitled session of 4-track tape experiments in 1993. When the tapes were rediscovered in 2005, they were transferred to digital, remixed and became the EP Covert Ecology.

After a long hiatus from sound experiments, McDill resumed recording in 2002 under the project name Rolling Calf Sinfonette. “Macedoine” stands out most strongly from this period, with its industrial bellydance rhythm and bombastic intensity. RCS was meant to be finite, mostly as a way of learning digital multitracking and mixing, and was retired after 9 very prolific months.

Saluki Regicide arose in 2003 with a very different sound from RCS, and itself spawned the projects Tree Helicopter and Djinnestan. Tree Helicopter has since been retired, but Saluki Regicide and Djinnestan are still considered active projects.

Rowboat Magicians lasted long enough for 4 recordings to be produced, and has been shelved indefinitely. It may return in another form at some later date. Akashic Crow’s Nest is an ongoing exploration of sounds synthesized from digital images.

All tracks recorded and produced by CP McDill
copyright 2003-2006 under a Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.5

This album is a netlabel release. It is available for download or streaming in its entirety or as individual tracks from The Internet Archive. It is there that you will also be able to download jewel case cover art.

Click here to visit the download page for “Anthology 1”.

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