wh084 Exoxen – Shiny Moon Water

Exoxen - Shiny Moon Water

EXOXEN has spent over 15 years as a home-studio tape project among a group of friends. The sound of this group may best be described as a kind of twisted lo-fi psychedelic, mingling elements of rock, electronica, and noise, in a manner reminiscent of Chrome or Helios Creed.

In 2004 Webbed Hand released the first collection of works from the EXOXEN archives to reach a wider audience, the intense “1.0.” This new collection, “Shiny Moon Water,” draws together more works from the same period, this time with less emphasis on noise and more emphasis on the psychedelic.

  1. Somethin’ Goin On
  2. I Don’t Know
  3. Passin’ Through
  4. Nothing To Hide From You
  5. Reflections and Reactions
  6. Woodgrain Walls
  7. It’s Only Life
  8. Maybe You Want To Join Them
  9. You’re In The Mail
  10. Sticking To Your Soul
  11. Life Changes Life
  12. Please Kill Me Now
  13. Live at Lakeside ’95

Visit the download page to stream or download the album for free.

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