wh087 Mystified – Through Sleep and Beyond


After a hiatus of some time Mystified returns to Webbed Hand with a new album of musique concrete soundscapes with soothing drones and subtle exotic motifs.

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

Mystified has released many works previously on this label, as well as many netlabels and commercial venues. His prolific discography can be viewed at his website, which is also home to the netlabel Treetrunk Records.

  • 01 Peg Down
  • 02 From the Gut
  • 03 Gray Cloud
  • 04 True History
  • 05 Even at Rest
  • 06 Darker Cloud
  • 07 Heaving
  • 08 Cosmic Event
  • 09 Into the Ocean

Recorded & Produced by Thomas Park
December 2007
Cover design by CP McDill

3 thoughts on “wh087 Mystified – Through Sleep and Beyond

  1. Thanks for this release, C.P.. Special thanks also to Robin Storey and K.M. Krebs for inspiration.

    I know the archive has been tricky of late, but with a little luck, folks should be able to stream and download this one. . .

  2. This album is on regular rotation on my iPod for long walks, lounging and above all, sleeping.

    I’ve enjoyed this release a lot; it’s dark and vast, but at times it reveals a subtle shimmering beauty.
    Excellent work Thomas!!

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