wh113 Beyond Absence – Complacency

Beyond Absence

One of the definitions of complacency is “to be completely satisfied right where you are.” And satisfied you will be, settled back in a comfortable chair, as you take in these mellow compositions which seem to shimmer like snowflakes in the air. This work evokes a slower, more peaceful approach to life.

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“This is what we wanted to tell you for now. We are glad to have reached your ears; and perhaps a little of your hearts and minds, if for a second or two only.”

–Gustavo and Mauro.

Beyond Absence is: Gustavo Caldas and Mauro Longordo
Recorded at the Blue Shed Studio, Acton, MA, 2006
Original cover artwork by M. Longordo

Visit their homepage: Beyond Absence.

01 Abertura (05:38)
02 The End of Living and Begining of Survival (07:46)
03 Including-Imaginary Faith (02:26)
04 Loud Again (04:45)
05 Yesterday’s Product (01:47)
06 An Eagle’s Egg in a Chicken Nest (02:47)
07 Space Trip (04:10)
08 Mestre Salu (13:13)
09 Goodbye Canal 100-In Black and White (06:50)

Total Time: 00:49:22

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

12 thoughts on “wh113 Beyond Absence – Complacency

  1. “… Complacency is a collection of quiet, contemplative acoustic jazz pieces by Beyond Absence. the duo takes a very peaceful, thoughtful and simplistic approach to their music- slow, minimal improvisations for acoustic guitar and piano, with some occasional subtle percussion and keyboards. perfectly warm music to shelter from the darkening cold outside.”

  2. Superb! Full of peace and wonder, fluid sounds suspended in some sort of stillness that is infinitely reassuring and somehow encouraging. There is a glittering new marvel in almost every bar, and yet each one only serves to deepen the sense of solace and refuge that runs through the whole album.

    The playing, incidentally, is glorious, understated and beautiful. The bass work is especially sensitive, and full of a sense of wonder and searching. Just a delight!

  3. An artfully conceived, beautifully crafted, and meticulously structured album that took me to a fairytale world, a world that I simply couldn’t escape, even if I wanted to.
    Well done!

  4. Caro Mauro, vc é realmente um artista. Na música e na arte da pintura. Suas composicoes, juntamente com seu parceiro Gustavo transmitem um vislumbre de níveis sutis de percepcao. Como todo verdadeiro artista deve possuir. Passam delicadeza, emotividade sutil, devaneio consequente, enfim, algo que nos faz acreditar em muito mais do que vemos e sentimos. Que vc possa transmitir tudo isso em toda sua vida. Gostei especialmente da Imaginary Faith. abracao.

  5. Wonderfully peaceful. Perfect for a stressful workplace as well as a quiet evening at home. A great Christmas gift. thank you.

  6. In the middle of this world tragedy, people loosing their jobs, their dreams, total despair…. I’m glad I found your music to take me away from all this.
    A good glass of wine, my wife next to me and your music… Thank you! Thank you! Great work.

  7. some beautiful selections on this album, a number of which i’ve grown rather attached to. in fact, i played “Space Trip” on my latest podcast episode (Radio BSOTS, show #80) recapping some 2008 releases. closed the show with it, actually. respect due to Beyond Absence; this album is a blessing.

  8. A great jazz ambient album that makes you smile, look around and think, isn’t life wonderful? Invite an old friend or go out, smile to a complete stranger.. Stop worrying and enjoy your life!

  9. Listening to a piece from this album on StillStream right now. What beautiful music. Straddles the realms of jazz and ambient music effortlessly. Just gorgeous and so well composed and performed. Wow.

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