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International ensemble/collective o.e.s. (orchestra eclettica e sincretista) brings a multitude of interpretations to a composition by the eccentric avant-garde composer, Moondog.

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“Moondogging” is the hommage that o.e.s. pays to the legendary figure of Moondog. o.e.s. worked on a song of his titled “Lovesong” that has a twin in an instrumental track titled “Fujiyama”. The song sings a story that is similar to the one of Tristan and Iseult or of Romeo and Juliet. a very tragic love story.

Some members of the o.e.s. collective contributes instrumental and vocal executions of the song or samples and some members contributes complete compositions or remixes of these materials.

Vocal and instrumental executions, samples and remixes contributed by Hidekazu Wakabayashi, Harold Nono, Roberto Corsini, Marco Lucchi, Giampaolo Violi, Antonio de Braga, Cometa, Eerohz, Massimo Croce, iN2Ni, Jean Montag and Steve Layton.

A project by Marco Lucchi for o.e.s.
november 2010

Fujiyama, take me too, Now she’s gone my life is through, Fujiyama …
show me where she stood and fell, then i’ll stand and fall as well, Fujiyama
When she heard I died at sea, she was bent on joining me, Fujiyama …
Unbeknown to her I’d live, till I’d have a life to give, Fujiyama …
coming home i’d come to lean, travel on until I’m free, Fujiyama…
Fujiyama, when I’m gone, Tell the world that love lives on, Fujiyama

Track list
01 Denis is Moondogging (iN2Ni – 00:03:02)
02 Giampaolo is Moondogging (Giampaolo Violi – 00:03:50)
03 Massimo is Moondogging (Massimo Croce – 00:05:25)
04 Jean is Moondogging (Jean Montag – 00:04:54)
05 Angelo is Moondogging (Cometa – 00:04:46)
06 Antonio is Moondogging (Antonio de Braga – 00:03:52)
07 Steve is Moondogging (Steve Layton – 00:04:41)
08 Marco is Moondogging (Marco Lucchi – 00:09:34)
09 Angelo is Moondogging Again (Cometa – 00:08:28)
10 Benjamin is Moondogging (Eerohz – 00:03:48)

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

2 thoughts on “wh135 o.e.s. – moondogging

  1. a labour of love, indeed. from the spring like beginning to the dark winter final track ‘moondogging’ is an excerpt of quality and awe! how many talented people involved! which leads me to questioning why this kind of project do not happen more often, especially with the commodity of the internet. the flavours and scents this work brings reminds me of old vinyl ‘concept’ albuns of the 70’s (and it is a very good thing.) i just wish that marco lucchi continues with this innovative vein of projects and that actually more talented musicians join the orchestra (and forget about the money, he he) because this is an example of true altruism and artistry. count on me if only to clean the office, it would be a pleasure, for sure! one other thing: the album is better mustered on second hearing, and improves after that second with the third and forth. avanti marinaio! blessed are the noisemakers!

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