wh213 The Nikki Grace Experience – Rest

The Nikki Grace Experience

The Nikki Grace Experience combines a variety of influences, from classical, jazz and post-rock with the moods and soundscapes of dark ambient.

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About the album:
“The Album ‘REST’ was recorded and mastered by myself in my own Proclambient (means Progressive-Classical-Ambient) Studio at my Home in Germany. It was a process about one year, I put all my ideas together, first on piano (that´s played by myself on a Midi keyboard). The speeches on “Broken Home” I took from a Creative Commons blog –it´s a preacher who’s talking and weeping about God and Jesus– together it´s my interpretation of a broken home that´s left and leaving. All strings I used were formed from synthesizer tunes into real strings by myself. The dialogue on “Playback rewind…” are recorded in Dutch speech one year ago by myself; it´s an old Woman which would not leave alone her old cassette player. Sad story I think, deep minded and terrible. “Easy Steps Moving Downward” is the newest one on this release. It´s my own favorite, a little bit jazzy I think. It´s a view to the next releases I´m working on. The drums are created by myself on a drum machine that I use for my computer, also Midi into real stuff. “Spaetrot” is a German word and means “the last Autumn light.” It was the hardest song to work on – the speeches are an old couple (on it you can hear one of them, together you can hear it on the second Part I´m working on) who are talking about their time as teachers in the past, a remembrance which sounds like a last autumn light I think. It was taken from Creative Commons blog called Freesound. So “Rest” is putting all the sad stories together. It´s a very personal song about my dead Father who died 26 Years ago, my inner peace to find him everywhere, sounds like a ghost story. It´s the deepest Song for me on this release. I´ve worked on it 6 Months and made it by myself, Which was important for me.” — the artist

About the artist:

“The Nikki Grace Experience — The Project was born in the year 2010. The Idea of the musical fusion rose from my novel Eta Carinae, existing since 2008. I try to put all dark and sinister images into musical landscapes and post-rockish and ambiental walls. My music is like a mirror, very different, sometimes strange, jazzy, classical, melancholical but always The Nikki Grace Experience. The full release called ‘Rest’ is the first full length I´ll release. In two years I wrote tons of tracks and ‘scapes. I think ‘Rest’ is now ready to go out. It´s very experimental I think, all of The Nikki Grace Experience flows into ‘Rest’, from electronica spheres to rock parts. It´s not a concept album; every song stands alone and for itself and flow into ‘Rest’. I´m always inspired by journeys through my home, Germany, the Woods, the people, all strange things I see every day, and over there I´m inspired from other beautiful countries like Ireland, the northern countries, all this, with its breath of coldness but beautiful strangeness. I think Music must be a kind of Heart and Soul and the Heart of the Soul turns into Music.” — the artist

Note: This album was originally released with the artist attribution Eta Carinae, and has been retroactively renamed.


01 Broken Home [06:56]
02 Playback Rewind, Forward Rewind [11:30]
03 Easy Steps to Moving Downward [08:56]
04 Rest [18:13]
05 Spätrot [09:37]

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

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