wh218 The Nikki Grace Experience – Divergence

The Nikki Grace Experience

In “Divergence” the post-rock/ambient fusion of The Nikki Grace Experience explores the concepts of nearness and separation, the first of a trilogy.

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About the album:
“For a long time, I’ve worked on this piece of music. I was not sure whether to release it or not, but now I think it’s time to release the first part of a trilogy. Divergence is the parting from everyone you’ve ever loved that was closing into your heart. So “We Breathe Differently” says so much about nearing and letting go. We breathe so differently, inhale the same, but exhale so heartless. The song is created for a second heart we’re all looking for and flows into the question “Is Anyone Still Here?” Here and there, looking around, hopeless and strange and falling into “Black Tar Hearts” crawling and motionless, drowning into a fiery magma of long lost hope, with the look of “All Things I Can Not Hold Near.” The things that ripped out of your hands and dive in “This Wailing Sea,” the sea we want to split like Moses, and at the same time, we want to walk on it like Jesus … nothing’s stranger than closeness … that’s the mind of “Divergence,” a piece of music that’s written and arranged by myself in the Proclambient Studios, in the desert of middle Germany …Thanxx” — the artist

About the artist:
“The Nikki Grace Experience — The Project was born in the year 2010. The Idea of the musical fusion rose from my novel Eta Carinae, existing since 2008. I try to put all dark and sinister images into musical landscapes and post-rockish and ambiental walls. I’m always inspired by journeys through my home, Germany, the Woods, the people, all strange things I see every day, and over there I’m inspired from other beautiful countries like Ireland, the northern countries, all this, with its breath of coldness but beautiful strangeness. I think Music must be a kind of Heart and Soul and the Heart of the Soul turns into Music.” — the artist

Note: This album was originally released under the artist attribution Eta Carinae, and has been retroactively renamed.


01 We Breathe Differently [10:41]
02 Is Anyone Still Here? [06:24]
03 Black Tar Hearts [10:01]
04 All Things I Can Not Hold Near [13:19]
05 This Wailing Sea [11:02]

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

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