wh234 VA – LOOPOOL Presents – The Scream

LOOPOOL Presents

This compilation, curated by Jean-Paul Garnier (aka loopool), reveals the possibilities of making music from a single short sample of a scream.

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

Statement from the curator:
Every sound that you hear on this compilation was created using a single sample, a scream, just a little over a second long, a mere 262kb. The album was created to explore the vast array of possibilities utilizing minimal source material. The original scream itself is inconsequential and disappears into the filter of the artists involved. It was designed as a challenge to the artists, as if told that only a C major chord could be used in composition, yet interesting music had to the the result. Even with this restriction the world of sound is endless and is exemplified by the variety of music presented on this compilation. Thank you to all of the artists involved and to Webbed Hand Records for hosting this project!
loopool / Jean-Paul Garnier, Los Angeles 2012

cover art by Zara Kand

contributor links:
Shark Egg Blues – www.zarakand.com
Travis Johnson – www.ilsemusic.info/travis-johnson.html
Somnaphon – www.somnaphon.blogspot.com
the Zero Collective – www.noisebored.com
Human Nihil – www.club-nihil.com
Dr. Auxiliary – www.soundcloud.com/dr-auxiliary
Cathartech – www.sonicmunitions.com
loopool – www.loopool.org
Seeing Red – www.soundcloud.com/seeing-red

Track List:
1. Shark Egg Blues – Throat Cavities [01:26]
2. Travis Johnson – Rectrate [02:47]
3. Somnaphon – Aum Generator [04:27]
4. Zero Collective – Space (No One Can Hear You) [06:00]
5. Human Nihil – Rüttelplatte auf LSD [07:00]
6. Dr. Auxiliary – somewhat befuddled we submerge into church of inner-urge [06:36]
7. Cathartech – Cataract [06:42]
8. loopool – Crowded Mind [02:37]
9. Seeing Red – Cavernous [04:15]

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

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