wh250 [mikra] – Concept Analysis of the Silence


New works by [mikra], at times ambient and at times dark and industrial, a painterly approach is employed to create abstract pictures in sound.

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About the album:
Recorded by Pavel Rassolko [mikra]
in Belarus, 2012

“To meeting of unexpected branches covered night with snow. Required groaned, the sarcophagus cried. Aristofan, having crossed, has ascended also his hands carried him unostentatiously. The lapsed steppe has flooded everything what only to pacify were afraid with a printing camp. And the sound … it has enweaved a sugar and through spawning sang not to ours. The fire ashore hardly splashed birds to palms. Red Narka nestled and has cast, as a pattern of a locker of Sunday evening. Blamer of adults and a wall to them on some frescos, but only twice as the grey hair in great demand spilt.
– Not to be to me similar, – Aristofan scratched an ear has turned over silence, – Narca Narca …

The dog has burnt with foliage seven successively.

The river a place of similar flied on the east behind dying away day. A rustle of the soft reasons to wind laces from glass steel threads. It seemed, pick up them, then a home guard as if the smile is bordered by lips.

Easily. The calmness gives a shirt of heavenly spheres. Also it is breathed by modest influence of shabby storage batteries over fur-tree needles. For an instant white, it is embroidered by hand luggage ashes where the field was stored by a bowstring. Bowed to an image, at the ridiculous feeding, at once all family. Narca algorithm several times … the Back a wet word, there where at tapes the lingering thunder also is fresh.

Now Aristofan is not dared, he has poorly said, has made and has embodied. The ford has come to an end, and ahead the light grief is time to snowdrifts. And as if far buttons approached a papaverous bridge of colorless bees.

Everywhere is trembling … Probability …” — [mikra] (Pavel Rassolko)

01 CAS001 [01:43]
02 CAS002 [02:15]
03 CAS003 [01:55]
04 CAS004 [02:01]
05 CAS005 [01:18]
06 CAS006 [11:06]
07 CAS007 [00:49]
08 CAS008 [01:12]
09 CAS009 [02:55]
10 CAS010 [14:03]
11 CAS011 [04:49]
12 CAS012 [02:37]
13 CAS013 [11:46]
14 CAS014 [03:15]

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

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