wh264 Tree Helicopter – A Full Empty

Tree Helicopter

This long-form soundscape by Tree Helicopter was inspired by the Tarkovsky film “Stalker” and the novel it was based upon.

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Tree Helicopter is a recording project of C.P. McDill, and is considered a sub-project of Saluki Regicide, also available on Webbed Hand.

“A Full Empty is a dark ambient long-form piece inspired by the Science Fiction novel Roadside Picnic, by Russian authors Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, as well as by the film Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky, which was based on the novel.

The story is set years after an event known as the Visitation, revealed to have been a very brief stop on Earth by extraterrestrials en route to somewhere else. The locations where they landed are known as the Zones, relatively small areas strewn with mysterious alien artifacts and phenomena, and evidently local alterations to the laws of physics.

The Zones are extremely dangerous, and their presence has changed the world. Humans have adapted to the knowledge of these places with fear, greed, and curiosity. The artifacts are coveted by governments, scientists, and shadier parties who wish to exploit their power or value.

The protagonist in this tale is a mercenary figure who risks his life to fetch items from one of these Zones, and as a guide for less experienced explorers. In the course of the narrative it is revealed that his relationship with this transformed territory is part of a deeper, more personal quest.

The Tarkovsky film is set within the world of the novel, but tells a story that differs from any in the original book. It does however present some remarkable scenes, atmospheres, and moreover ambient sounds that one cannot help but feel creatively inspired by.

I have titled this work after one of the artifacts found in the Zone. Many of the strange devices left by the aliens are given evocative names which reveal that their original function can never be fully fathomed, even if a use can be found for them.

This recording is not meant to illustrate any specific scenes from the source material, but to touch upon certain feelings that arise when contemplating the nature of the Zones.” — C.P. McDill

C.P. McDill – Sounds, processed and manipulated.
Cover Design by C.P. McDill
See discography at cpmcdill.com
This recording has a Creative Commons ShareAlike license.

Track List:
01 A Full Empty [00:57:06]

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

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  1. I saw the orignal film many years ago as part of the world film series on bbc 2 tv,enjoyed it,and after reading your article it reminded me of it,though have never read the book,but now think I might,cheers and hope to enjoy the music

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