wh021 Akashic Crow’s Nest – Skidbladni

Akashic Crow's Nest - Skidbladni

Skidbladni is a second, shorter release by Akashic Crow’s Nest. The concept here is dream logic, temporal dislocation, and auditory hallucination. The music is constructed entirely from the output of an image synthesizer (which turns pictures into sounds), with effects added, but no other instruments or samples.

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wh016 Djinnestan – Selling the Wind


Djinnestan is the quieter spawn of Saluki Regicide. Selling the Wind is a collection of ambient constructions which have been derived from other, more “complicated” tracks among my other recording projects. It has something in common with the Rain compositions as well, in that they are mellow studies in repetition with variation, but these differ in their brevity. As a collection, they are a pleasure to listen to.

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wh012 Saluki Regicide – Mirage Emigrants

Saluki Regicide

Mirage Emigrants is the third collection by Saluki Regicide, and the sixth release overall. Saluki Regicide continues to surprise and delight listeners with strange visionary abstractions in sound. Dark, at times nostalgic, these compositions manage somehow to be simultaneously warm and alien.

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