wh026 Mystified – Elemental Ragtime

Mystified - Elemental Ragtime

Leading-edge electronica artist Mystified has released a second solo collection on Webbed Hand. These dark ambient soundscapes are collectively known as “Elemental Ragtime.”

Deep Listening indeed, these tracks are constructed solidly within the Musique Concrete style, deriving as source material vintage tape samples and fragments from other vintage sources.

Thomas Park, the sole proprietor of Mystified, brings into his work equal doses of illbient, minimal, industrial, ambient, experimental, and a handful of other esoteric styles, and to good effect. This is excellent headphones-in-the-dark music, but you might feel equally comfortable taking it for a drive through city and country.

You can check out the Mystified homepage for more information and to meet the man behind the magic.

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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