wh027 Tribe of Astronauts – Rain 1

Tribe of Astronauts

Tribe of Astronauts’ “Rain 1” is a pleasing wash of white noises, cycling in slow rhythms. Waxing and waning brushstrokes of static, rumbles, and other obscure sounds lull the mind into a deep and peaceful state. This album is ideal for meditation, trancework, and quiet activities. It is recommended that you play it at low volume, as it is meant to be listened to peripherally, not directly.

Rain is a series of conceptual tracks produced for Webbed Hand Records. Each “Rain” is a CD-length ambient recording ideal for quiet listening while meditating, writing, or going to sleep. Typically the recordings in this series are minimalistic soundscapes, with motifs played out cyclically rather than progressively, in order to induce relaxed states.

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The inscrutable Tribe of Astronauts is a collective of varying number. Little can be known about the Tribe of Astronauts because they hide behind digital masks.

About this album:
Recorded & mixed by Tribe of Astronauts
Somewhere on Earth, 2004
Length: 01:14:08

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