wh039 Mystified – The Hush

Mystified The Hush

The Hush is a 45-minute ambient soundscape of a darker nature than Emanate (wh038). This is an extended voyage, perhaps experienced from within the engine room of an intergalactic vessel. A throbbing, soporific bass is punctuated by echoing metallic sounds, and the auditory space is sometimes graced by mellow but alien melodies and harmonic drones.

Produced by Thomas Park
This album includes a sample recorded by c. reider (www.vuzhmusic.com).

If you like the Webbed Hand Rain series, as well as the other excellent ambient releases on this label, then The Hush is for you. Mystified has released many albums on Webbed Hand and elsewhere, including some commercial releases. Learn more about him at the Mystified home page.

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  1. The description for this piece says it all – loved it! An excellent production. Many thanks.

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