wh040 spoonPhase – Messy Messy Messy


This album follows the trajectory of a messy life from birth, through highs and lows, and ultimately into a strange place. It’s a story, the autobiography of a shattered soul. Many genres of electronic music meet in this album, and the vocal element is at times both dark and whimsical. This is a great production with a big sound.

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  • 01 Birth
  • 02 Choking on Air – Moving on Air
  • 03 I Looked at the Shadow
  • 04 Sitting Together
  • 05 Hugs
  • 06 Letting Go
  • 07 All My Friends
  • 08 GrozGan
  • 09 Hello
  • 10 Master Comes in Waves
  • 11 Seasons Come to an End
  • 12 Speaking to Me
  • 13 To Meet You
  • 14 Maming Chamber
  • 15 SIHTTER
  • 16 Marble Eater
  • 17 Sinelink
  • 18 Dark

Sam Hodge’s spoonPhase project continues to impress with this new collection of sonic explorations of the troubled mind. His previous Webbed Hand release, “Songs for Psychos” was enthusiastically received by listeners, and “Messy Messy Messy” will definitely appeal to the same approving audience.

Sam Hodge, the principal talent behind spoonPhase, has also been featured on “To Ancient Noise: A Webbed Hand Compilation” [wh024] as thE sounD of dirT.

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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