wh051 Seikudeso – Live at The Starland 01.09.05


Psychedelic noise appears in the Webbed Hand catalog in various flavors, mostly along quiet ambient lines, sometimes along electronic lines, such as with EXOXEN, and with this new release adding an acid-test jazz/rock improv ensemble named Seikudeso which calls its style “fiction noise freakout” music.

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Herebelow is an explanation of the recording written by its producer:

Seikudeso is a Norwegian-based fiction noise freakout group. They were descovered by FLY and ZAG of the group WEAD while they were doing a show in New York. FLY was so impressed by their live performance he asked if he could record their next show to be made into a Webbed Hand release. David Hasaki, the guitarist, took FLY’s info with a “we’re not sure, we’ll get back to you” approach. Six months went by with no word from the group. Finally, Brian Brown, the bass tone generator guy called FLY with a date, time and place.

“FLY gathered together some of the most advanced live recording equipment available to him in order to capture this moment and headed over to Hagerstown, MD to a venue called The Starland. Although The Starland had accidently scheduled a child’s birthday party on the night of the Seikudeso show, the group elected to go ahead with the performance. The result is some of the most amazing Three Dimensional FICTION NOISE FREAKOUT ever captured. This is a true classic that will stay with you, and change every time you hear it.”

The Personnel:

  • David Hasaki (from Japan)
  • Brian Brown (America)
  • Kenneth Hawkins (Great Britain)

Recorded, produced and mastered by FLY and ZAG.
Hagerstown, Maryland 2005
Length: 00:29:04

Note: There is no track listing because the recording is a single extended improvisation.

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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