wh056 Vincent Bergeron – Casse-tete de l’Existence

Vincent Bergeron

Vincent Bergeron comes to Webbed Hand Records with a very unusual album. A work of surreal pop/cabaret/experimental music with lyrics in French. Compelling and very listenable.

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  1. la naissance
  2. reve-realite (histoire d’un clown)
  3. communication-isolation
  4. spiritualite-profanite
  5. harmonie-chaos
  6. passe-present-futur
  7. la mort (d’un artiste)

“For this concept album, the idea was to make new songwriting. All structures were influenced by rock and also by experimental techno and prepared improvisation (which i still don’t really enjoy most of the time though). There’s choruses, verses, bridges, introductions and endings. They don’t appear in the order, all the times, but they are there. The vocals and the lyrics came after. All lyrics were inspired by the instrumental music. It’s marvellous to treat human voice like an instrument instead of the driving force behind the music. I’m making the music I have in my head since many years. I hope the excitation, discovery of infinite possibilities can be heard.

“I also tried to associate general concepts of human existence.

“Thanks for listening!” – — Vincent Bergeron

Recorded and produced by Vincent Bergeron

Check Out his homepage for more information.

Visit the download page to stream or download this release.

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