wh057 Mystified – Constant

Mystified - Constant

Despite being “minimal” this new opus by Mystified is also full of subtlety and warmth. In a nutshell it is a long-form dronescape, lightly seasoned with dimly audible sparkles, tones and harmonics. The central theme is pleasantly massaging industrial hum, with a bit of distortion and crackle in it.

The restless experimentation and creativity of Mystified has resulted in many popular releases on Webbed Hand and many other labels. Visit his home page to get updates on his many projects.

Recorded and Produced by Thomas Park.

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  1. Great to find mystified here. I understand this is where the Constants started. Ive been following the series on Archive.org and it’s up to 25 now. Great longform track to meditate. Just dropping by to show appreciation, cheers.

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