wh058 Marco Lucchi – Tantra a l’usage des anges

Marco Lucchi

Webbed Hand welcomes the work of Marco Lucchi, a noted and very skilled musician who has distinguished himself in Europe for his work in the experimental, new age, and electronica genres.

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A multimedia performance recorded live in Carpi at “la Fonoteca” december 1999

This album is the audio document of a multimedia performance which took place in 1999, based around the texts of French poet Jean Michel Maulpoix, who took part in this event. The music was composed and performed by Marco Lucchi, with the accompaniment of other musicians and vocalists. The performance was a very visual event too, with dance, lights, and projections.

A central part of this performance was a dance by Alassandra Dallari, which represented the “mudra” alluded to in the title. Here is an explanation of the dance and the poetic texts by Maulpoix, as explained by Marco Lucchi:

“Alassandra Dallari – although you cannot see or hear her – was the mudra – the mudra symbolizes the motive of desire as it is intended in the tantra contemplation… you can imagine an almost acousmatic performance… Alessandra appeared in the middle of the multimedia performance wrapped in a long plastic sheet that she unwrapped along a ten minute slow dance while wrapping the audience with it… at the end of the unwrapping she remained for a second completely naked, just for a second, in a dark blue light.

“The [spoken] words are taken from the book by Jean Michel Maulpoix titled Precis de theologie a  l’usage des anges [publ. Editions Fata Morgana, 1988] that is a poem in prose with a very reflective and philosophical flavor. The book talks about angels in a very modern – although poetic and evocative – way.

“At about the end of the performance the choir sings some verses taken from “Palme” by Paul Valery:

Patience, patience,
Patience dans l’azur!
Chaque atome de silence
Est la chance d’un fruit mur!
Viendra l’heureuse surprise :
Une colombe, la brise,
L’ébranlement le plus doux,
Une femme qui s’appuie,
Feront tomber cette pluie
Où l’on se jette à genoux !”

Marco Lucchi: electronics, samples, keyboards, 12 strings acoustic guitar and tin whistles
Jean Michel Maulpoix: spoken words
Geoff Warren: flute, alto flute and soprano sax
Quinto Grigatti: percussions and noises
Alassandra Dallari: Mudra (a dance performance)
…and the female choir “Corale Savani”
conducted by Giampaolo Violi

Engineered and edited by Giampaolo Violi
Music Composed by Marco Lucchi
Words by Jean Michel Maulpoix (www.maulpoix.net)
from his book Précis de théologie à l’usage des anges
Performance includes verses from “Palme” by Paul Valery
and recorded samples of buddhist chants.

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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