wh059 Marco Lucchi – I found an – insoluble, indefinite – ear

Marco Lucchi

This long-form ambient piece is a collaboration of Marco Lucchi with his son, Dario. Marco handles the electronic parts, and Dario contributes improvisations on his French Horn. The work as a whole warmly illustrates the idea of “repetition with variation” as familiar motifs rotate but there are changes.

“I found an – insoluble, indefinite – ear” was recorded as it was performed. In real-time, in Marco’s home studio.

Marco describes the album as warm “like a fireplace” and suggests listening to it obliquely. Thematically this work is about the ear (you may recognize a certain sample about an ear from Blue Velvet), and a comparison is made between the french horn and the shape of the ear. The artist dedicates this work to Dale Lloyd (http://www.and-oar.org/artists_lloyd.html), a musician he admires very much.

Length: 01:15:01
Composed & Recorded by Marco Lucchi
in his home studio, December 2003

Marco Lucchi – electronics, samples and keyboards
Dario Lucchi – french horn

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