wh062 Kaazim Zareb – Miraaya

Kaazim Zareb

Fire up your narghile (hookah, shisha) and settle back for some compelling arabic melodies and rhythms, performed by Kaazim Zareb, by profession a bellydance accompanist, who in this creative departure brings a jazzy improvisational flavor to mellow arabic art music. These tracks blend elements of traditional Middle Eastern musical idioms with contemporary electronica mixing style.

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  • 01 Yatzakkar
  • 02 In Depths
  • 03 al-Hadeeqa
  • 04 Tareeq Sahraawee
  • 05 Samai Nahawand
  • 06 Zahaab wa Eeyab
  • 07 Naseet (Yatzakkar dub)
  • 08 Miraaya
  • 09 Samai Nahawand (remix)
  • 10 al-Akheera

This album was produced and/or remixed by Thomas Park of Mystified and C.P. McDill of Webbed Hand Records.

Recorded by Kaazim Zareb
Tracks 1, 6, 7-9 produced by T. Park
Tracks 2-5, 10 produced by CP McDill
“Samai Nahawand” composed by Ruhi al-Khammash,
transcribed by Issa Boulos.
Michael Fair performed in “Tareeq Sahraawee.”
“In Depths” composed by Al Cutillo
(Note: Kaazim Z has been trying to reach Al Cutillo. If you are Mr. Cutillo or know him, please write to info@kekuja.com).

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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