wh063 Mystified & Others – Fractal Reflections

Fractal Reflections

The indomitable Mystified has teamed up with some artists of his acquaintance to assemble this mix of unusual ambient works, based around a series of samples generated by programs that convert fractal information into sound files.

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  • 01 High Sun (mystified)
  • 02 Sphereslo Pan (Chris Melchior Mix)
  • 03 Dandelion Fast Short Pan (mystified)
  • 04 Spherefast Pan (mystified)
  • 05 Circlslo Pan (Chris Melchior Mix 2)
  • 06 Circlslo Pan (Mike Soucy Mix 1)
  • 07 Circlslo Pan (Orange County Remix)
  • 08 QFive (mystified)
  • 09 Circlslo Pan (Mike Soucy Mix 2)
  • 10 QSix (mystified)

“The pieces originated from fractal midi. “High Sun” is a fractal piece converted to .wav with very little interpretation. The piece was created using the program “Gingerbread”. The other pieces were derived from a fractal midi piece I created in the late nineties called “Circlslo Pan”. I used the geometry of a circle as a sort of seed for fractal generation, then created a larger midi file fractally using a program called “SoftStep” by Algo Arts. Participating artists were asked to render this midi in what way they chose, from more direct midi to mp3 renderings to actual re-interpretations ( such as in the Orange County remix ).

“Sphereslo Pan [mixes]: Using the geometry of a sphere and SoftStep fractal synthesis, midi was created and then converted into wav form.
Dandelion Fast Pan Short: This is a snippet of a piece created using the blooming fequency of a patch of dandelions.
QFive and QSix: These 2 pieces were created using Paul Whalley’s QMuse quasi-fractal generating software.”
–Thomas Park

Project conceived and produced by:
Thomas Park (aka Mystified)
Additional Artists:
Chris Melchior
Mike Soucy
Royce Lee
Cover painting by:
Sandy Spreitz

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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