wh067 Tribe of Astronauts – Remote Missive

Tribe of Astronauts - Remote Missive

An hour-long transmission from the celestial entity known as Tribe of Astronauts. A pleasing wash of white noises, drones, and other soundscape elements.

Are you familiar with the concept of astronaut contraband? Because of weight and spatial limitations in space flight, astronauts are generally forbidden from bringing along personal items. Only what is essential to the mission is allowed, and everything else is contraband. Any objects of sentiment, such as pictures of family, talismans, books, religious items, decorations, may be forbidden from inclusion on a flight.

I interpret this album as being about an item of astronaut contraband. A spaceman takes along with him a large seashell, which he keeps pressed to his ear in private moments, so that he may continue to listen in on the sounds of Earth that he misses so much. The ocean, the wind, the shushing of trees, the myriad white noises of terrestrial nature.

About the production:

Recorded and mixed by Tribe of Astronauts
Summer 2005
Length: 01:00:00
Cover image by Webbed Hand.

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One thought on “wh067 Tribe of Astronauts – Remote Missive

  1. I first heard this release on StillStream.com. It combines the feeling of the drone noise one may experience in flight (space or otherwise) with the familiar sounds of earthly noises. A wonderful recording to have on in the background while working.

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