wh068 Heath Yonaites & K.M. Krebs – The Seed Project

The Seed Project

What more need I say? Heath Yonaites and K.M. Krebs, both figures who loom large and formidable in the field of imaginative/speculative sound art, have collaborated on an album. Ideal for headphones, or if you are blessed with a really great speaker setup, an environment you could immerse yourself in and swim around.

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

In this collaboration, each provided the other with the raw materials to mix into finish tracks.

  1. The Subjugation of Ghosts
  2. Wherever My Feet Take Me
  3. This Will Be a Lonely House
  4. Cracks in the Earth
  5. Haecceitism
  6. Cutting Through Time
  7. Unminding Mind
  8. Some Forgotten Objects
  9. Ones Who Are Called Stranglers
  10. Foreign Scents
  11. Maku-Mo-Zo

[text below written by Heath Yonaites]

wherever my feet take me, cracks in the earth, cutting through time,
some forgotten objects and foreign scents — sonic hybrids produced
using clippings from original tracks and samples created by heath

additional sound sources: bagpipes, self-help tape, shortwave radio,
synthesized sounds

tracks composed and mastered by k.m.krebs – 2001

cover image – heath yonaites’ cover image processed and combined with
close up images of leaves and bark


the subjugation of ghosts, this will be a lonely house, haecceitism,
unminding mind, ones who are called stranglers and maku-mo-zo were
initiated with audio seeds [samples] provided by k.m.krebs

I recorded and used the following additional sound sources and
instruments for this project: beer glass, bells, door, furnace, horn,
kalimba, lake michigan, mandolin, paris street, percussion,
shortwave_radio and washing_machine

aforementioned tracks composed, played, mixed and mastered by heath
yonaites – early 2001
circular cloud cover painting – alkyd on canvas – loosely based upon
digital seeds [images] provided by k.m.krebs

odd numbered tracks, cover painting, tray card nature photography,
graphic design and layout © by heath yonaites
www.yonaites.com | heath@yonaites.com

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

One thought on “wh068 Heath Yonaites & K.M. Krebs – The Seed Project

  1. This is a strange and beautiful recording, ambient but unpredictable, relaxing but sometimes eerie, or stirring. I have listened to it many times over the last few years, and on each occasion I hear new moods, sounds and subtleties in it. There is a kind of magick here — very good for the imagination! Thank you to the artists.

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