wh095 Alceste – For


This debut album by Alceste features a complex and melancholic blend of dark ambient and melodic elements, illustrating the arc of a fateful relationship.

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“The short hand is the story of loving someone, and fighting to keep them…at your own expense. The process that I held in my mind while composing the album was a year and a half battle with a woman I loved terribly…that was addicted to methadone. It took priority in her life, above herself, her job and me. I fought to help her, to get her clean, and by doing so…lost pieces of myself along the way. There was a zero barrier at which I had to decide to continue fighting a senseless and pointless battle with her addiction or save myself and end it.

I had to choose self-preservation, and ended the relationship, but with great strain on my emotional state. I felt compelled to continue helping her, but knew, for my own good…that I had to let her go, and that she needed to realize sobriety on her own, without my aid. This is my story and my journey…a personal endeavor that I wish to never repeat again.” — Alceste

Track 01: the beginning
Track 02: the love
Track 03: the obsession
Track 04: the fear
Track 05: the desperation
Track 06: the loss
Track 07: the emptiness
Track 08: the end

Alceste is:
The Enigma
The Elite
The Andromeda
The Unified

Written and produced by: Alceste
Mastered by: R. Terrwilliger
Recorded at: The Cabin
Found: Febuary 2008
Cover Art by: The Enigma

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

2 thoughts on “wh095 Alceste – For

  1. This is the kind of record music lovers dim the lights and just listen to where the music is taking you. A great listen and a great addition to indepenant music.

    –The Bastard

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