wh096 Drone Wallah – Problem-Reaction-Solution

Drone Wallah - Problem Reaction Solution

“Problem,” “Reaction” and “Solution” are long-form ambient melodic (organ) drone compositions by Drone Wallah (C.P. McDill of Saluki Regicide, Djinnestan, etc). Nice all-purpose drone pieces you can play quietly, loudly, or any way you please.

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Recorded & Produced by C.P. McDill
March 2008
Total length – 00:51:31
01 The Problem – 00:13:00
02 The Reaction – 00:22:58
03 The Solution – 00:15:33

Third is a series of ambient drone albums beginning with “The Foggy Dew” (wh092), which started as lucky byproducts of sound experiments for Djinnestan. The resulting recordings were something I found myself repeatedly going back and listening to. I feel they are a pleasure in their own right and don’t need to be the underlayer of something else.

Note: This album was previously attributed to C.P. McDill, but as of October 2010, has been adopted into his new project, Drone Wallah. The recordings are otherwise unchanged.

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

One thought on “wh096 Drone Wallah – Problem-Reaction-Solution

  1. Just finished listening: an excellent work, but the Solution took me back to times in church where the organist plays whilst waiting for the congregation to file in – dreamy, very. Thanks once agin for a moving experience.

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