wh187 Deltatones – Delvitude


Delvitude by Deltatones starts with rumbly, glitchy intensity and slowly unfolds into vast ambient spaces.

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

“Deltatones was created in November of 2009 as an experimental project using an online program called Audiotool (formerly at hobnox.com, it is now at its home website audiotool.com).

Inspired by the deltawave, Deltatones was created to project a feeling of deep cerebral thought processing using the tone as a carrier into the uncharted regions of our innermost minds. As space and time progressed, Deltatones slowly began to emerge as a dark ambient gangster from the transdimensional outliers of the subconscious rift. Conceived from limited resources, Deltatones possessed a nature of evocative, lucidic soundscapes that mimics the farther reaches of the human psyche. Operated by a computer alone, Deltatones was created with minimal production, consisting of live recordings from Audiotool, homebrewed field recordings, and selected samples.

The philosophy of Deltatones was to create obscure and lush soundscapes with as few mediums as possible in addition to refined mastering to give it both an original and organic feel. With hundreds of live recordings, a new groove was cut into the genre of ambient soundscapes. Deltatones will never be a completed project and will infinitesimally be a work in progress. ”
–Joseph L. Dust


…and an upcoming Bandcamp page will be finished soon

Track List:
01 Corticals [04:54]
02 Mechinema Vulcana [02:42]
03 Toxoplasmosis [01:50]
04 Sinus in the Hippocampus [04:21]
05 Echelon Qi [03:26]
06 Horizon Sunfall [03:09]
07 The Paranormal Shift [03:08]
08 The Drip [04:56]
09 L-Dropa [05:00]
10 Lasergic Flashbacks [03:20]
11 Dayjade {02:27]
12 Soul Dispersion [02:22]
13 Gone Gazing [03:00]

Download the whole album as a zip file or click here for more downloading and streaming options.

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