wh012 Saluki Regicide – Mirage Emigrants

Saluki Regicide

Mirage Emigrants is the third collection by Saluki Regicide, and the sixth release overall. Saluki Regicide continues to surprise and delight listeners with strange visionary abstractions in sound. Dark, at times nostalgic, these compositions manage somehow to be simultaneously warm and alien.

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  1. Snow in the Library
  2. The Clasp and Medal
  3. Mirage Emigrants
  4. Fishermen and Dragons
  5. Bring Back
  6. Tipperary
  7. Mechanical Mind
  8. Where Cobwebs Come From
  9. Gem of the Ocean
  10. I Hope You Understand
  11. Then Dawn Comes
  12. Rehearsal of Ashes
  13. Ghosts of Silent Spring

C.P. McDill – sound wave manipulations

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

6 thoughts on “wh012 Saluki Regicide – Mirage Emigrants

  1. I have really tried to listen to this, really, but…after half-an-hour I fall fast asleep, yep even sitting up – must be some sync within my brain – enjoyed the first 30 mins, enjoyed them 4 times! Good work.

  2. Thanks for this release, I really appreciate it – and yes, in the evenings I usually do not get to listen the whole album either. I fall asleep too soon. ;-)

    I have one question: what is that male voice in “The Clasp and Medal”? Where did you find that sample? It really fits in nicely and generates a strange, surreal atmosphere.

  3. To “Sir Wally”

    I’m pleased that you’ve been enjoying this release.

    The spoken sample from “Clasp and Medal” comes from a World War I era recording that I found amidst a huge collection of early 20th-Century audio on mp3, available for download from the National Library of Canada, back in ’03. Unfortunately I cannot recollect the title of the source recording or who it was, so I regret I won’t be able to give you any more specific information.

  4. Hi, I would like to know the story behind this recording. I love all your albums, but this one is the one return to every so often. I’m trying to make a connection between the cover photo and music but am unsuccessful. It seems like all your albums tell a story. I can’t find any useful information about “Mirage Emigrants” in world’s history. And yes, this album sounds very nostalgic, reflecting an era I was not even born in yet. Any information about who or what the “Mirage Emigrants” were, if not fictitious would help me to achieve higher understanding of the recordings. Thanks! arctus, Slovenia

  5. Hello arctus, thanks for your comment. There is no historical or folkloric precedent for the mirage emigrant concept, as far as I know. The phrase is derived from an abstract poem I once wrote, in which the line “emigrants of the mirage” appeared. I found it very evocative, and in the production of the album I try to make each recording evocative in the manner of just such a poem. No story or myth is being deliberately communicated, but enough is provided within each track that the listener can “collaborate” in the creation of stories from them. Nostalgia is a very important theme in Saluki Regicide, and this is conveyed by the use of audio samples from early-mid 20th Century. The cover pictures and track titles are also considered in the same way.

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