wh017 Saluki Regicide & Mystified – Ancestral Technologies

Mystified Saluki Regicide

A collaborative album of impressionistic ambient and electronic pieces, inspired by inventions of the past. A very strong a seamless pooling of creative talent and resources. This album shows promise of becoming a favorite.

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  1. Gramophone
  2. Astrolabe
  3. Spider’s Ladder
  4. Air Ship
  5. Electric Stoplight
  6. Ferris Wheel
  7. LSD
  8. Radio Transmitter
  9. Ziggurat
  10. Air Ship (Mystified Remix)

Fans of Mystified and Saluki Regicide will be quite pleased to know that these two have pooled their creative resources in this, their first collaboration.

It’s a concept album, of sorts, with the tracks being inspired by past inventions, from the mighty (“Ziggurat”) to the mind-bending (“LSD”), from the practical (“Electric Stoplight”) to the pointless (“Spider’s Ladder”). And in the execution of these compositions, the artists sought to convey impressions rather than illustrations of the technologies. Thus, the work is less about the inventions themselves than about the mind’s experience of the inventions. The results are often dreamy, almost shamanistic.

Thomas Park, of Mystified, brings into his work equal doses of illbient, minimal, industrial, ambient, experimental, and a handful of other esoteric styles, and to good effect. C.P. McDill of Saluki Regicide seeks to bend time and space, or at least soundwaves, to do his bidding.


  • Mystified (Thomas Park) 1,3,5-10
  • Saluki Regicide (C.P. McDill) 2,4-10

You can visit The Mystified homepage for more information about his extensive discography.

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