wh024 To Ancient Noise: A Webbed Hand Compilation

To Ancient Noise

“To Ancient Noise” is a compilation of manipulated environmental sounds. Whether field recordings, found sounds, radio snippets, or other odd recorded artifacts of audio, these elements are worked by sound artists in interesting and often startling ways.

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In some cases the sounds may not be processed much at all, but are rather selected for their rhythmic virtues. In other cases, sounds have been layered and effected into lush and alien soundscapes, dark and mysterious.

With but a few samples, artists can immerse listeners in dreamy escapist paradises, or harsh dehumanized dystopias. The tracks on this compilation were made with captured and found sounds. The artists were allowed to layer and process them with digital and/or analogue effects, but were requested to use no synthesizers or other conventional instruments.

Lest the idea be gotten that I think this compilation intends to be innovative or avant-garde, allow me to put that to rest. Manipulation of found sounds is a well-entrenched “tradition” in the audio arts, dating back in practice to the advent of magnetic tape, in the 1930s, and decades earlier than that in theory. What I want to show is that it is still going strong, continuing to evolve and mutate as new technologies enable new possibilities (and sounds to discover).

  1. brekekekexkoaxkoax – Kayeets Charak Zamar
  2. aodl – Attacking it With a Fork, Edition 3
  3. Fred Yarm – Cats Eye bath Tub
  4. Saluki Regicide – Stinging Nettle
  5. Spagirus – Jasna Beat
  6. Naturhistorische Museum der Klänge – Wrakhout
  7. mystified – Ghosts of the Band
  8. thE sounD of dirT – Dark
  9. Djinnestan – A Trickle
  10. Rafael Flores – Domestic
  11. Kava Project – From Earth to Rust
  12. forma – the spanish collage
  13. C. Reider – vian ii-v
  14. David Leith – Bottle Cart Etude
  15. Tree Helicopter – Kiwi
  16. Ronnie Cramer – Machinist Cavatina
  17. J. Dippold – The Pot That Called The Kettle Back
  18. Onemancult – Untitled

Visit the download page to stream or download this album.

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