wh038 Tribe of Astronauts – Manatee

Tribe of Astronauts

Manatee is a 45-minute ambient soundscape which give the feeling of sleeping outdoors under the stars, on a balmy southern Summer night. Electronic and instrumental sounds are blended with field recordings in a relaxing continuum with no dissonance, shocks or surprises. The whole effect is warm and agreeably trance-inducing. This piece has a brain-massaging bass pulse and a nice panoramic sound arrangement.

About this album:
Recorded and produced by Tribe of Astronauts
Somewhere on Earth, 2004
Length: 00:44:48

The inscrutable Tribe of Astronauts is a collective of varying number. Little can be known about the Tribe of Astronauts because they hide behind digital masks.

“Thanks to Scott Smallwood (http://music.princeton.edu/~skot) for the excellent field recording. Scott has given me permission to use his recording “Brood X Cicadas” in the piece Manatee. I think it adds a lot to the piece. . .” -TOA

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