wh042 Djinnestan – Hasenpfeffer

Djinnestan - Hasenpfeffer

A follow-up to “Ghosties” (wh029), this is another collection of strange textural works, blending drones and other samples into opulent and ruined atmospheres. Liminal sounds give rise to mystic voices.

  1. Threat Fatigue
  2. Uncanny Valley
  3. Paloma-ized
  4. Paralalia
  5. Hasenpfeffer

Djinnestan’s art consists of heavily processed acoustic, electronic, and sampled sounds, woven into rich sonic textures. It evolved out of several of my earlier recording projects (Saluki Regicide, Tree Helicopter, Akashic Crow’s Nest), and has in many ways superceded them.

C.P. McDill – sound wave manipulations

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4 thoughts on “wh042 Djinnestan – Hasenpfeffer

  1. this is the best Djinnestan record I’ve heard. The paloma-ized track is impressive! Congratulations!

  2. Listening to Hasenpfeffer at low volume, quiet room…the subtlties of this delicious work are remarkable…the very low, very background tone shifts are masterful…this track will accompany my journey through lost places…Masterful !!! Much appreciated…Thank you!!!

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